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Musical games are a God sent, especially for tricky lessons with very young students. There’s nothing worse than not being able to keep a toddler’s attention. The parent has to come in from the next room to make them behave and focus, you lose a bit of your credibility as a child educator, and leave with your tail between your legs, embarrassed and confused. We’ve all had at least one lesson go horribly wrong, but those days are over! 

Rhythm Bingo is a great game to use even on your very first lesson with a young beginner. It gets your student to focus, listen for patterns, identify different rhythms, learn what rhythm is, and have some fun!

I recommend always watching your student’s body language. If they start to get a bit fussy while playing, change it up and make them be the ones to play the rhythm for you. This makes them feel empowered!

“Music is life. That’s why our hearts have beats.”

  • Practical
  • Fun
  • Educational
  • Easy

How to Play

Print the Rhythm Bingo worksheets and flashcards, cut the flashcards and laminate.

Pro Tip: Laminate the worksheet and use a dry erase marker when playing.

Rhyth Bingo is played like regular bingo.

1. Shuffle the flashcards and place them next to the piano face down.

2. Take the top card out of the deck, and clap or play the rhythm on the piano or instrument of choice. (Ensure the student does not see the card to avoid giving them a visual of the rhythm)

3. Repeat until the student finds 5 adjacent vertical, horizontal, or diagonal rhythms blocks. The middle block is a free block.

4. Once the student yells bingo, switch roles. 



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