We’ve had over 7 years to experiment with musical accessories, especially for the Violin, Viola, and Cello, and what we’ve found works best and gets young students most excited are accessories that make learning easier. Although this is a given, it does take some time to figure out what works best for each of your students.

We’ve put together a list of our Top 9 Inexpensive Accessories for String Instruments to help your studio advance quicker and easier.

Let’s jump right in.



1. Harp Tailpiece

Tailpiece Comparison

The Harp Tailpiece is a great way to enhance your instrument’s sound. Check out the comparison video above for an audio example.





2. Bow Buddies

The bow buddies from Things4Strings.com are a great asset to your studio or classroom. We’ve had great success making learning how to hold the bow easier and more enjoyable with our students. These bow accessories come in a variety of colors, as well as multy packs for classroom use.





3. Rockin’ Rosin

These adorable rosins are by Rockin’ Rosin and come in 25 different shapes and fabrics.

The shapes include: zombie, ice cream, heart, puzzle piece, shamrock leaf, owl, frog, star, baseball diamond, moon, peace sign, alien head, dog bone, pizza slice, puppy, cupcake, snowman, gingerbread man, duck, ladybug, chrjistmas tree, dice, skull, star of David, horse, fish, butterfly, daisy, and cat.



4. Colored Bow Hair


Having colored bow hair is an exciting add on to a string instrument. Anything that helps the young ones get excited to practice gets two thumbs up from us.


5. Pinstripe Tape

Using tape on the fingerboar is a huge help for beginner players. We reccomend using individual thin tape accross the finger board in order to help the student feel for the tape and build their muscle memory. 

6. Virtuoso Wrist Practice Aid

The virtuoso wrist practice aid helps correct that pesky under or over bent wrist. Beginning students tend to try and hold the violin up by bringing their wrist up towards the neck of the violin or viola, in order to hold it up. This wrist aid helps keep the wrist straight, which in turn helps the student rely on holding the instrument up with their thumb and pointer finger.


7. Cork

Adding a cork under the thumb as illustrated above helps push the left hand dow in order for the thumb to not be over extended over the fingerboard, and in turn creating space between the base of the inside of the thumb and bottom of the neck of the instrument.



8. Bow Corrector

Investin in a bow corrector tends to be essencial. This ensures that the bow is moved straight on the strings of the instrument. The object is to touch the iron rods as little as possible, or not at all.


9. Music Stand

Although a little pricy, we highly reccomend the Peak Music Stand. It is very light but sturdy, folds down for easy transporting, and is made with piano hinges, ensuring it will not slpowly drop down in the middle of practice or a performance.