Our Philosophy

Constant encouragement and motivation are given to our students

at each lesson. Our instructors recognize even the smallest effort made

by the students in practicing and doing homework and encourage them

to do more through positive reinforcement. We love seeing the smile on

our student’s faces at the end of each lesson!

At Culciar School of Music, we value the relationships we have with our students. Our instructors are role models, mentors and big sisters and brothers for our students.

We help our students build self-confidence through our constant positive feedback and recognition of their effort. We help them find out their own potential and we build on their strength. We build out the best in our students!

Lessons everyday of the week:  we know life can be crazy, we will work around your hockey games, skating and dance classes.

We teach classical, pop, disney and EDM: whatever you or your children’s interests are, we have it covered.

We motivate and encourage our students no matter what: Every child needs a cheerleader, we are that cheerleader.

Popular Music

Disney Songs



Hours of Operation


9:00 am – 12:00 pm

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm


SAT & Sunday


We are closed


Culciar School of Music LLC



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